Roku Homepage Takeover
The LIGHTYEAR international payoff artwork was provided at 1x1 dimension with no bleed. Making it necessary to retouch the keyart to work within a 16:9 layout with plenty of safety area on the left of the screen for the UI. The characters also needed to be liftable off the artwork so that they, and various light elements and debris, could float off/on the background for the various screen states. 
The HPTO is one of the most premium buys there is for performance marketing. Roadblocking users across the globe, taking-over their device for a full day. With so many eyes and investment behind it, much scrutiny goes into creating the best experience possible.

Screen recording of the in-app experience

Social media
Social stories and 4:5s for Instagram, Facebook
Quick, snack-able, enhanced-statics for both in-feed and stories. Simply pushing the appointment viewing of being now available via streaming on Disney+
Snapchat Discover ads and TikTok ads (paid)
Art & Creative Direction: Joe Eichelberger. Design: Libby Stankaitis. Copywriting: Joe E. and Rachel Smith.
Art/Creative Direction Joe Eichelberger, Katie Lang. Motion Direction: Jai Yun Edit & Sound: Josh Rubenstein. Animation: Abigail Kim. 
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